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How to make Thai tea

Hello Foodies friends, nice to meet again with loyal readers of my website. This time I will discuss about Thai tea. Who here doesn't know Thai tea? Thai tea is a typical beverage from Thailand which is made from a mixture of black tea (black tea) and sweetened condensed milk which is currently popular.
The selling price is rather expensive compared to other teas, but the taste is different. Curious, how to make it?
Come on look.

The following ingredients need to be prepared and how to make Thai tea:
• 4 black tea bags.
• 4 ½ glasses of mineral water.
• ¼ cup of sweetened condensed milk.
• ¼ cup of evaporated milk or whipped cream (optional).
• 4 teaspoons of granulated sugar.
• Ice cubes as needed.

± 15 minutes.

1. Brew and dip the black tea bag into boiling water for about 5 minutes.
2. Lift the black tea bag, then add sugar and sweetened condensed milk, stir until dissolved and fused.
3. Enter the ice cubes into a serving glass according to taste, then add the tea that has been prepared. leaving room for adding evaporated milk.
4. Finally, pour the evaporated milk or whipped cream into the glass.
5. And Thai tea is ready to be served.

Good luck😁

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