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The impact of excessive coffee consumption

Who doesn't know coffee, the drink with the most consumers in the world after tea. However, even though coffee is one of the drinks with the most consumers in the world and has various health benefits, coffee also has a bad impact on health.

Coffee is often used as a friend to avoid getting sleepy while having a formal meeting, or completing a deadline at night. However, drinking coffee too often can have a negative impact on the body. According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) research that consumption of coffee or caffeine in a day should not be more than 400 mg or the equivalent of two cups.

Therefore in this post I will discuss the positive effects of drinking coffee too often. or you can read the positive impact of drinking coffee.

"The impact of excessive coffee consumption"

Facts about the bad effects of coffee for health are rarely known

• Affects the heart

Coffee is indeed used as a friend to relieve drowsiness, but if consumed in excess it can cause the heart to beat fast, become irregular, and cause seizures. In addition, unfiltered coffee can also trigger several things that can increase the risk of heart disease, because it increases homocysteine ​​(a type of protein-forming amino acid) which is thought to be closely related to heart attacks, increased blood fats, and cholesterol.

• Interferes with bone health

Coffee that enters the body can erode calcium in the body. This condition can lead to osteoporosis and weakening of the bones. If you have osteoporosis, you should reduce the maximum limit of coffee consumption to 300 mg per day. Try to balance it with adequate calcium intake, at least meeting daily calcium needs.

• Affects fetal health

Consuming coffee for pregnant women is not a problem even in small amounts, but it will be a problem if consumed in large quantities. Excessive coffee consumption in pregnant women has an impact on the development of the baby, and in the worst cases can cause miscarriage. Because the coffee you consume will enter the bloodstream, then enter the placenta. As a result, the baby's heart rate will increase.

• Digestive system disorders

Coffee can indeed be used as a stimulant to increase metabolism in the body so that you can easily lose weight. However, this does not mean that this can be done excessively, because if consumed in excess it can cause diarrhea, increase stomach acid, cause irritable bowel syndrome, and make the body dehydrated.

• Teeth and Gum Problems

No wonder if after consuming coffee, the teeth feel a buildup of plaque and make the teeth turn yellow. This is what can affect teeth and gums if you consume too much coffee. In addition, coffee that is usually drunk tends to contain a lot of sugar and tannin acid content in coffee which can slowly erode the protective layer of teeth (enamel).

All foods and drinks must have benefits for the body, it's just that if in excess it will be bad for the body. So keep in mind the limits of your daily intake, guys ...

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