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How to make mango smoothie

Who here follows the diet program.? This time I will discuss about recipes and how to make mango smoothies, one of the recommendation menus for those who run a diet program.

Why smoothies? Because smoothies are dairy drinks, it's no wonder that smoothies are effectively consumed for weight loss. 

Cold milk has carminative properties that can improve digestive health plus the benefits of fresh fruit content that is rich in fiber. Of course it will help prevent and overcome digestive problems.

Are you curious?

Let's see how.

Mango smoothie

Here are the ingredients that need to be prepared and how to make a mango smoothie:

• 1 sweet mango.
• 250 ml yogurt.
• Low-fat milk 150ml.
Ice cubes as needed.

± 20 minutes

1. Peel the mango that has been prepared, then cut the mango according to taste. Put it in a blender.
2. Add enough medium-sized ice cubes, yogurt, and processed milk.
3. Cover the blender and ingredients until well blended.
4. If the smoothie is not thick enough add yogurt back to taste, then blend again until evenly distributed.
5. After finishing pouring into serving glasses.
6. Mango smoothie is ready to be served

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Happy trying😃

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  1. That's the great look of this drink and I am sure It will definitively work to reduce your belly fat. This is the great diet drink. Generally Shunya apple juice and cinnamon is suitable for consumption.