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How to make Indonesian mochi (klepon)

Who here likes mochi? Japanese cakes are made from glutinous rice. Upsss, but this time we don't discuss mochi from Japan, but Indonesian mochi (klepon). The ingredients used are also the same, glutinous rice flour, and look similar to Japanese mochi.
Let's see how.

Indonesian mochi (klepon)

The following ingredients need to be prepared and how to make Indonesian mochi (klepon):
• 250 gr glutinous rice flour
• 50 gr rice flour
• 100 g brown sugar
• 250 ml juice of pandan leaves
• 1/2 teaspoon salt
• Grated coconut, steamed

± 25 minutes

1. Make the mixture in one container by adding sticky rice flour, rice flour, and salt that has been prepared.
2. Add pandan leaf juice little by little then stir until evenly distributed and sufficiently chewy.
3. Boil enough water, while waiting for boiling water to cut into brown sugar the size of a marble.
4. Then take the dough mochi (klepon) with one tablespoon, then mix and add brown sugar that has been cut into pieces and rounded until the brown sugar is completely covered.
5. Enter the mochi (klepon) which has been added brown sugar into the cooking water until it runs out, after it is deemed sufficient to lift the mochi (klepon) and transfer it to a serving dish.
6. Insert the mochi (klepon) into the grated coconut and sprinkle on top of it.
7. Indonesian Mochi (klepon) is ready to be served.

Happy Trying

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