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Carrot juice

Hello Foodies friends, see you again happy to meet loyal readers again.
in this article I will discuss about how to make carrot juice that is healthy and also delicious.
Carrots are healthy vegetables that are very good for the body, especially eye health. The content of vitamin A in carrots can help normalize eye disorders.
Here is a recipe for making carrot juice that you should try at home.

• 4 carrots.
• 2 glasses of water.
• Sugar.

± 10 minutes.

1. Clean the carrots from the skin, then wash the carrots thoroughly.
2. Cut the carrot into several pieces.
3. Put the carrot that has been cut into the blender.
4. Enter the sugar according to your taste (you can replace it with honey if you don't like it sweet).
5. Then, add enough water into the blender.
6. Blend until smooth and everything is mixed evenly.
7. Filter the carrot juice with a fine sieve and strain the carrot until it is separated from the pulp.
8. Pour the filtered juice into a serving glass. Decorate the serving glass after your creativity.
9. Juice is ready to be enjoyed.

Good luck😀

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  1. That's the great look of this drink and I am sure It will definitively work to reduce your belly fat. This is the great diet drink. Generally lemon juice honey and cinnamon is suitable for consumption. Healthy Herbal drink