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Simple Broccoli Soup

Hello Foodies friends, see you again. nice to meet loyal readers again.
in this article I will still discuss recipes and how to make broccoli soup that is easy, but it still tastes good.
Let's see how.

Here are the ingredients that need to be prepared and how to cook broccoli soup:
• 150 grams of fresh broccoli.
• 100 gr Carrot.
• Sausage to taste.
• 300 ml of chicken stock.
• 2 cloves of garlic.
• 2 clove shallots.
• Leek 1 stick
• 2 celery sticks.
• Salt to taste.
• enough sugar.
• Pepper powder to taste.
• Oil to taste.
• Enough water.

± 35 minutes.

1. Wash broccoli, carrots, leeks, and celery that has been provided.
2. Cut broccoli, carrots, and sausages according to taste, or can cut carrots.
3. Shredded or chopped onion and garlic (optional).
4. The next step you have to do is heat the cooking oil first. Then saute garlic and onion that has been finely chopped until it emits a fragrant aroma.
5. Next, boil about 300 ml of water, and add chicken stock and saute seasoning. Boil the broth until it boils.
6. After boiling, add broccoli and carrots. Also add seasonings such as salt, sugar and pepper. Stir until evenly distributed.
7. After broccoli and carrots are half cooked, add leeks (thinly cut), celery (coarsely cut), and sausages that have been prepared. Cook for a while until the leeks and celery wilt, and broccoli and carrots cook. If it is considered cooked, remove from heat and pour in a container.
8. Broccoli soup is ready to be served.

Good luck😀

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