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Pickled Cucumber Groundnut

Hello Foodies friends, see you again. nice to meet loyal readers again.
in this article I will still discuss recipes from Indonesia, although not as popular as rendang, which is pickled cucumber nuts. This dish is suitable to be served with rendang because it tastes refreshing.
So you're curious right? Let's see how.

You can read the recipe and how to make rendang
"Click here"

• 1 year old cucumber or around 200gr.
• Roasted peanuts ± 4 tablespoons.
• 6 cloves shallots.
• Lime 3 items.
• Tomatoes 1 item.
• Just enough sugar.
• Enough water.

± 15 minutes.

1. Peel the cucumber that has been prepared and thinly sliced (optional).
2. Then baked beans that have been prepared, then separate from the epidermis.
3. Crush the seeds that have been prepared, and enter the cucumber container.
4. Add the sliced shallots, sugar, and water to taste.
5. Also add lime juice.
6. Stir the pickles until they are evenly mixed.
7. Pickled cucumber nuts ready to be served.

Good luck

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