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How to make fruit ice soup

Hello friend Foodies see you again ..
This lali article I will discuss about the recipe for making ice soup fruit, let's see what the ingredients are and how to make them.

1. Melon - 1/4 fruit
2. Candied kolang kaling - 100 grams
3. Nata de coco - 100 grams
4. Red dragon - 1/2 fruit
5. For red powder - 1/2 pack
6. Avocados - 1 fruit
7. Sweet shelled corn - 1/2 can
1. Sweetened condensed milk - to taste
2. Cocopandan syrup - to taste
3. Ice cubes - to taste

± 20 minutes

1. Cook the powder with 250 ml of water to boil and cool. After hardening, cut into small box shapes. Set it aside.
2. Cut the melons, dragons and avocados into small squares. Set it aside.
3. Cut the kolang kaling into 2 parts. Set it aside.
4. Presentation: In serving glasses, arrange the pieces of fruit, agar, nata, and kolang kaling. Give ice cubes, syrup and milk. Ready to be served.
5. Ice fruit soup is ready to be served.

Good luck: D

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