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Fruit Salad

Hello friend Foodies ... see you again in an article that discusses healthy food and drinks.
This article I will discuss about fruit salads, recipes and how to make them.

Fruit salad is a healthy food that is suitable for everyone. salads can also be consumed by those of you who are on a diet program or want an ideal weight but want to enjoy a delicious but healthy snack.
Wow, so I'm not afraid of being fat :D

How to make a fruit salad
1. 200 g fresh apples, peel the skin then cut into cubes
2. 200 g of fresh melon, peel the skin then cut into cubes
3. Watermelon 1 fruit, peel the skin then cut into cubes
4. Fresh 200 mango, peel the skin and cut into cubes
5. Fresh papaya 1 fruit, peel the skin then cut into cubes
6. Fresh 200 g of wine, split into two and remove seeds
7. Fresh strawberry 20 g, split into four
8. Mayonaise 150 ml
9. Cheese Grated
10. 1 can of vanilla sweetened condensed milk
11. Lime (optional)

± 20 minutes

1. After all the fruit has been cut into pieces, put it in the refrigerator to make it fresher and cooler.
2. After that mix the fruits in one container.
3. Mix mayonnaise and sweetened condensed milk, lime juice too (optional)
4. Remove the fruits from the refrigerator. Pour fruit salad in fruit.
5. Sprinkle grated cheese to your taste.
6. In the fruit salad you make yourself, you can create the contents according to your favorite fruit. You can also add jelly and nata de coco to your salad.
7. Fruit salad is ready to be served.

Good luck: D

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