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avocado juice recipe

Hello friend Foodies ... see you again in an article that discusses various healthy foods and drinks.
Discussing about healthy food and drinks is indeed endless. One of them is healthy avocado juice and rich in benefits.

The following article will discuss how to make avocado juice that is simple but refreshing and certainly also healthy.
Let's follow the article.

1. A ripe avocado
2. Sugar
3. Sweet condensed milk (Chocolate or Vanilla)
4. Ice cubes if you want to cool
5. Adequate hot water.

± 15 minutes

Step step
1. Mix sugar and hot water.
2. Enter the avocado meat into a blender along with the sugar water and ice cubes that have been prepared.
3. Then blender until the ingredients are smooth.
4. Prepare the glass and put the sweetened condensed milk into the glass, then put the avocado juice blender into the glass containing sweetened condensed milk.
5. Serve when it is still cold.

Good luck: D

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