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Ginger lemon tea benefits

For those who are undergoing a diet program, of course, many people choose a natural diet compared to a diet that uses drugs with chemicals, plus a fairly affordable cost and small long-term effects. It's just that many dieters don't know what to start with.

So this time I will discuss about suitable drinks to support your diet program, namely:

"Ginger lemon tea"

Let's see how to make it.
ginger lemon tea has many properties. one of them is to lose weight naturally and definitely, and without having side effects for those who choose alternative diet menu tips.

1. 1 medium lemon.
2. medium size segment of ginger.
3. 350 ml of water

± 20 minutes

1. Crush the peeled ginger and wash it clean.
2. Boil powdered ginger with water that has been prepared, wait for it to boil.
3. Cut the prepared lemon thinly.
4. Remove and pour into a serving glass after boiling ginger water.
5. Then add the lemon, which is thinly sliced.
6. Lemon ginger drink ready to serve.

Good luck 😇

Note: "maybe the taste will tend to be sour and a little bit bitter, you can add a little honey or sugar to overcome it"

The nutritional content per 100 grams (g) of ginger includes:
• Energy 79 kcal
• Carbohydrates 17.86 g
• 3.60 g of fiber
• Protein 3.57 g
• Sodium 14 mg
• Iron 1.15 g
• Potassium 33 mg
• Vitamin C 7.7 mg

The nutritional content of lemons includes:
• Citric acid
• Vitamin C
• Folic acid
• Vitamin B1
• Vitamin B2
• Vitamin B3
• Vitamin B5
• Vitamin E

Lemon ginger tea benefits:
Lemon sliced water and boiled ginger water can act as a detox and can replace lost body fluids so it is good for preventing dehydration.
In addition, this detoxification plays an important role in helping the digestive system, increasing immunity, and most importantly, being able to lose excess body weight. Therefore lemon ginger drink is highly recommended when undergoing a diet program.
So drinking lemon and ginger can not only help with weight loss, but also good for overall health.

Hopefully this is useful 🙂
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