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Mango juice

Hello Foodies friends, see you again this time I will discuss about recipes and how to make Mango juice. Let's see how. !

• Mango cook 2 Grains
• sugar ± 2 tablespoons
• ± 100ml of water
• Sweetened condensed milk (to taste)
• Ice cubes or shaved ice (to taste)

± 15 minutes.

1. Peel the mangoes then wash with clean water.
2. Cut mango flesh according to taste.
3. If the mango has been cut into small pieces, puree in a blender with water.
4. Add sugar, sweetened condensed milk and a little ice to the blender.
5. Wait until the mango flesh is really smooth.
6. If the mango is smooth, strain the mango and serve it in a serving glass.
7. You can add ice cubes or milk on top.
8. Mango juice is ready to be served.

Good luck:😀

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