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Indonesian fruit salad (Rujak)

Hello Foodies friends, see you again. This time I will discuss about recipes and how to make fruit salad from Indonesia (Rujak). Are you curious? Let's see how. !!

• 1 young mango.
• water apple ± 100gr.
• yam± 100gr.
• Cucumber ± 100gr.
• Young pineapple ± 100gr.
• Papaya ± 100gr.
• Kedondong ± 100gr.

• Half a teaspoon of salt
• Brown sugar 1 item
• Red Chili ± 4 grains.

± 15 minutes.

1. Peel all the fruits that have been prepared, then wash thoroughly.
2. Slice the fruit that has been prepared according to taste, put it in a container.
3. Crush brown sugar, salt, and chili until it is completely evenly distributed.
4. After mashing, transfer to a plate.
5. And the salad is ready to be served

Note: You can add the amount of chili if you are a spicy lover.

Good luck😉

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