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Hi, Foodies friends meet again ... Who is here, who in the morning is having a hard time thinking about what menu is suitable for the breakfast menu, or doesn't have much time to make his own breakfast?
Now this article I have a recommendation for an easy, fast and nutritious breakfast menu, one of which is Pancake.

How do you make it? Let's see what ingredients are needed and how to make them.

1. 100 grm of wheat flour
2. 250 ml of liquid milk
3. 1 egg, don't forget to separate the white and yellow
4. Adequate salt
5. A little margarine to rub it, and
6. Maple syrup for the topping

± 20 minutes

1. Wheat flour mixed with salt, egg yolks, and milk then stir until blended. You may use a mixer, provided the speed is low.
2. Then shake the egg whites until they are stiff.
3. The flour mixture that has been mixed earlier, put it into the egg white mixture, and mix well. When mixing, you can just take the egg white into the flour, then mix well. You add little by little, then add the flour mixture again into the egg white. This method is done so that the egg white is not crushed.
4. Use Teflon with the smallest diameter or standard size and heat it. Then, apply the margarine to the Teflon and reduce the flame.
5. The mixture that has been mixed before, pour into the Teflon about 2.5 tablespoons of vegetables and tutp for a moment.
6. Turn the mixture over when you see that there are a few pores and the edges are hard enough.
7. If so, serve pancakes on a plate and then flush with maple syrup for the topping. You can also add other toppings according to taste.
8. Pancakes are ready to be served.

Good luck: D

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