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Simple recipe for tuna sandwich

Who here likes sandwiches? Various processed breads are used as the main food in many countries in the world. One of them is a sandwich. Well this time I will discuss about recipes to make tuna sandwiches easily.
Let's see how.

tuna sandwich

Here are the ingredients that need to be prepared and how to make tuna sandwiches:


• Canned tuna
• White bread
• Mayonnaise
• Onion
• Tomato
• Lettuce leaves
• Caper


± 15 minutes


1. Chop the first tuna, mayonnaise, onion, and capers.
2. Then mix the tuna, mayonnaise, onion, and capers in one bowl.
3. Take two pieces of white bread, and bake the bread until the color is golden brown (can also use other types of bread).
4. After the bread is toasted, arrange the lettuce, tomato slices, Bombay onion slices, and of course the tuna mixture that has been prepared beforehand.
5. After the ingredients are arranged on the first bread sheet, cover again with the second bread sheet.
6. Tuna sandwich is ready to be served.

happy trying😀

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