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How to make milk corn pudding

How do you make corn cheese pudding? This time I will discuss how to make milk corn pudding easily.

1. 3 sweet corn fruits
2. Sweet condensed milk
3. Cheese
4. 1 packet of agar powder
5. Sugar
6. Water.

± 45 minutes

1. Wash sweet corn until clean, draw it and steam for 15 minutes until the corn color becomes bright yellow and tender.

2. Steam the corn, wait until it's cool, then blender. Give a little water. Strain the corn in the blender, remove the pulp

3. Add sugar in corn juice according to taste, I use 4 spoons of sugar.

4. Dissolve the agar powder with 1 glass of water or about 100ml. Stir until dissolved to mix into corn mixture. Add 1 cup of water again if it's too thick.

5. Heat the mixture over medium heat until boiling and stirring constantly.

6. Pour in the mold waiting for it to cool.

7. Add the grated cheese on top of the pudding, and the pudding is ready to enjoy. You can also create using toping that you like.

Good luck: D

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